Activate Your True Selling Voice by Creating an Authentic Bond with Potential Clients

Activate Your True Selling Voice

A full 15 Module Authentic Sales Training eCourse

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Unique to any other program on the planet


Let's be honest...information is abundant. That's probably not why you're here. You're here for the experience. However, there is plenty of information packed into this program which you won't find anywhere else - at least not all in one place.


Films have a way of moving of....sometimes to fright, sometimes to tears, or a sense of adventure. This emotional experience is where transformation awaits. When education is combined with emotional experience, lessons just tend to sink in so much more easily. The character's journey is our journey.


We already have enough work. Adding more is not the point. Work can be fun! Selling can be fun! learning can be fun! It can all be fun. PrimalYES is designed to be watchable, even re-watchable. An instant classic. Easily relatable. If you're looking for something boring and stuffy you've come to the wrong place.


 Team Leader 

"Joshua is savvy, thorough, driven and hilarious—a spring of creative content and process ideas, with the sensibilities of a seasoned producer who knows what it takes to make things real. He is also a fantastic networker, consistently great at bringing people together who will get things done and fit together well on a team."



 Spiritual Guide

"What I find the incredibly fascinating and even beautiful is that no matter how much work you have done, there will be blind spots and taking the pleasure in finding and being with them -- for that type of deep looking and healing Joshua is someone I trust to come too. He offers gentle direct guidance with a ton of laughter and play."

The PrimalYES Vision

We've all been there. Trying to sell something, or someone is trying to sell to us. Ick. Squirm. It just doesn't feel good.

"To sell is human", and "Trying to sell is uncomfortable".

In PrimalYES you will learn how to:

  • Become a walking testimonial, for yourself
  • Experience complete integrity with the selling process, detaching from the pressure
  • Allow yourself to actually befriend your leads, no more need to fake it

Origins of this course

PrimalYES is created and Hosted by Joshua Edjida - a transformational media creator. He focuses on a humorous approach to leadership development through practical understandings. 

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