About Us

PrimalYES is created by True Participation, a Transformational Media organization.
The Lead Trainer is Joshua Edjida.
Joshua worked at a tech company. It was around 2010. He worked there for two years, and made about 1 sale (but they never even sent the payment!). ‘Twas a sad state of affairs.
Then, Joshua met the right people and got himself into the right situations where he became motivated to turn inward, to better understand himself. His journey had officially begun.
After about 4 years, he returned to the same job – just for one day – to try his hand at selling again. 5 sales the first day. It was a massive difference this work had shifted. A huge perspective change, which people on the other end of the transaction could feel. Very tangible results.
And so he’s decided to hand it all over to you in a sweet little package called PrimalYES.
You’re welcome!